🌙 Singapore-Designed Activewear & Bags. Premium Nylon / Lycra. Surprisingly Affordable.


Entrepreneur / Influencer: @joannalhs - Mellow Halter Neck (Padded) & Nimbus Pocket Shorts 3"

UGC creator / Powerlifter: @creepypie_ - Kloud Cross-Action Sports Bra & Nimbus Pocket Shorts 3"

Pilates Instructor: @shaunaliang - Mellow Halter Neck (Padded) & Kloud 2.0 Pocket Biker Shorts 4"

From the people
From the people
This bag is spacious enough to put all my essentials PLUS my 15.5" laptop & gym clothes! With all the hype about puffy bags from other local brands which I also own, I LOVE love this Luna Fluff tote so much, especially your pretty moon logo!
— A. L.
From the people
Really loved the support it gave throughout my gym sessions and the bra's soft material! It looked so much nicer and is far more affordable than the sports bras I currently own. Looking forward to buying more colors in the near future!
— Claire Lin
From the people
I've always loved the quality and affordability of Lunablys' shorts and so had to get their latest 3" one. P.S. since this is short enough to act as safety inner pants for dresses, I've also realised they have a bonus "shapewear" effect that flattens your tummy for skintight evening dresses. I enjoy the versatility of these shorts - for gym and to look glam!
— S.M.