“We're one of Singapore's best value activewear and bag brands. Over 95% of our items are designed in-house (not OEM), guaranteeing high-quality fabrics, stylish looks and performance tailored for the Asian build.”
🌙 No Hype, Pure Value

Your Perfect Fit: Affordable Performance

🌙 Not all Nylon/Spandex fabrics are created equal.

There's a difference in fabric thickness, weave type, and grade. We use a higher-grade spandex than what you'll find in other activewear at our price point. This translates to supportive, form-fitting activewear that retains its shape wash after wash.

We also use high-grade nylon – a different material from polyester. Nylon is more breathable, resists odors better, and boasts a more premium, matte appearance. Plus, some polyesters may contain BPA, a chemical we consciously avoid.


Entrepreneur / Influencer: @joannalhs - Mellow Halter Neck (Padded) & Nimbus Pocket Shorts 3"

UGC creator / Powerlifter: @creepypie_ - Kloud Cross-Action Sports Bra & Nimbus Pocket Shorts 3"

Elite Employee: @alicia.syw - Mellow Cropped Tee & Kloud 2.0 Pocket Biker Shorts 4"

From the people
From the people
I've always loved the quality and affordability of Lunablys' shorts and so had to get their latest 3" one. P.S. since this is short enough to act as safety inner pants for dresses, I've also realised they have a bonus "shapewear" effect that flattens your tummy for skintight evening dresses. I enjoy the versatility of these shorts - for gym and to look glam!
— S.M.
From the people
With all the saga and hype about puffy bags from other local brands and mostly sold out. I can across Luna from and IG ad, bought it cos they have in midnight blue with affordable price. I LOVE IT SO MUCH. Might buy the other two colours and f they restock for my sisters
— Nadia L.
From the people
suuuper comfortable and i love the colour! thank you for making sportswear on the more affordable end <3
— F.M., Kloud Cross-Action Sports Bra